Dare to Compare

We are The Amazing Candle

  • Florida based company.
  • Family owned business.
  • Real customer service personnel.
  • Great quality.
  • 14 petal candle with 14 mini candles
  • It Spins after it opens
  • 1st generation plastic suitable for use with foodstuffs as per FDA guidelines
  • New designs and lighting technology.
  • Shipped from the USA.
  • Choose the COLOR(S) and/or design you want.
  • Featuring Sport Designs (Soccer, Football , Pickleball, Basketball, and Baseball).
  • Licensed, insured, certified & tested.
  • Located in USA.
  • Ships in a secure Box.
  • Great Customer Reviews.
  • 100% customer satisfaction money back guaranteed.


Inferior Quality.

Ship from overseas.

No color selection.

Use first generation lighting technique.

  • Many have only 8 petals/8 mini candles.
  • Many do not spin.
  • Many recycled plastics.
  • No customer service.
  • No email, phone number or person to talk to.
  • Many BAD reviews.
  • Shipment method is not secure, and candle often comes broken.

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