We Offer the Original and Authentic Spinning Flower Candle

Jaxx Marketing is a family owned, privately held company that has been creating and marketing many new and exciting products over the past 20 years. Our First patented product was Keep-Fresh: the first and original re-usable bag clip.

Jaxx also marketed POGS during the craze, Xcite pheromone wipes and The Aromopod which was SOLD all over the United States. When we discovered a unique amazing little birthday candle from China we were intrigued by it and saw its great potential.

Not suitable for the US market, we tweaked it, modified it and improved it to make it suitable for sale here in the USA. Everywhere we went and test-marketed the candle, people would always exclaim: "That's Amazing!" so we named it The Amazing Candle. Now we’ve added on the WOWZZA to The Amazing Candle to differentiate it from inexpensive and often defective knock offs that still exist from China. We saw that the initial response from the public was strong so we kept improving it and developing more designs. We created the very first RAINBOW Amazing Candle and recently followed up with our US patents on both the Football Amazing Candle, the Soccer Amazing Candle and the New Amazing SPORTS Candle line soon to include:

Baseball ~ Basketball ~ Tennis ~ Golf

We currently sell direct-to you online and in stores across the USA. We also ship overseas to numerous countries where everyone celebrates BIRTHDAYS with the same familiar song. Please see some of the videos below where we have appeared on:

  • CNN
  • The Food Network
  • Blue Man Group Promo
  • FOX News
  • We wish YOU Amazing Birthdays always so PLEASE always "Look for and Ask for" WOWZZA The Amazing Candle


    New designs always "in the works" and we are always looking for additional store partners to carry our candles